VIP Gambling Tours Trip Schedule

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Harrisburg/York/Lancaster Area

Shamokin Area

Reading Area

Baltimore Area

Williamsport Area

Allentown/Hazleton Area

Pick-Up Locations – Please call 800-543-0711 for up-to-date pick-up locations and directions.

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Reservations for Cotler VIP Inc. bus trips are generally confirmed ten days to two weeks in advance of the trip date. Final names for all reservations are due one week before the trip date as required by the sponsoring casino. If a seat being held for a trip cannot be confirmed at that time, or, if a name is unable to be provided at the time of confirmation, Cotler VIP Inc. has the right to rebook as an open seat(s) with available customers. Cancellations within one week of the trip date and especially no shows, without cancellation, on the trip date may result in charges being billed to that customer for the assigned transportation cost of the trip, and inability to reserve future trips without a credit card deposit. All decisions for inclusion on gambling charters are at the sole discretion of Cotler VIP Inc. by referencing our qualifying player data base and/or review of the customer’s cancellation history and/or required player eligibility provided by the casino sponsoring the trip.